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      A certain stage in human history is the Bronze Age. Dozens of Bronze Age artifacts have been studied in the western and southern regions of Azerbaijan. In this respect, the discovery and study of the monuments of this period in East Azerbaijan in the territory of Gobustan in the last 10 years is of special importance. Our research is aimed at examining the material and cultural remains of the Bronze Age in this region of Azerbaijan. The study of the archaeological monuments at Gobustan began with the study of a complex of ancient rock paintings covering a wide historical period from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages. Ancient paintings on Gobustan rocks are increasingly attracting the attention of researchers as they cover a wide historical period, diverse terrain and composition. The results of archaeological excavations in Gobustan are of particular importance in determining the period of ancient rock carvings. Of course, before the archaeological excavations in Gobustan, the age of the Gobustan rock carvings was very young, from the end of the Stone Age, between the 5th and 3rd millennia BC. It was deepened to the VIII-VI thousand years. Archaeological excavations and researches since 1965 have shown that life in Gobustan dates back to the end of the Upper Neolithic period, to the XIII-XII millennium BC, the beginning of the Mesolithic period. The theme of the rock paintings in Gobustan is many and colorful. Each of them has a specific purpose in its attraction and is concerned with the life demands of the time, the social, political, and religious views of the collective. [1]
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